Snake Tea Cup

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Snake Tea Cup

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Snek on a cup.

This large (4 ounce) tea cup is made of beautiful soft matte white porcelain with the image of a hissing snake on the front and a thin bronze-gold ring around the base. It's a piece of art as well as a useful piece of tea equipment!
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Palm-sized white porcelain tea cup;

Soft, smooth hand feel;

Hissing snake artwork in full color;

Tasteful gold stripe around base


It’s a great fit for:

 Serving as a "host cup" for yourself when inviting guests;

Display as a centerpiece on your tea table!

Jesse Says:


It's a snake cup!!!

This snake cup is a bit taller and thinner than the other animal-series cups we've had in the past. That's a good fit for a snake, since they be noodly like that.

The curving snake looks great on the white Dehua porcelain, and the darker snake ink really pops against the backdrop.

And it snek.


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