Jesse's Tea Club Subscription Service

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Jesse's Tea Club Subscription Service
NOTE: To Subscribe, make sure to click "Subscribe and Save!"
Otherwise, you will only receive one single box.
Join Jesse's Tea Club and have enjoy a new curated collection of teas each season! 
I've created the tea club I always wished existed - a mix of quality, value, and community!
How It Works:
  1. Subscribe Anytime!
  2. Get the current combo box immediately - we ship within two business days!
  3. 90 days from your first order, we will send your next combo box with three new teas!
  4. Cancel anytime! 

Jesse’s Tea Club Box #1: TIGER

Each tea comes with steeping instructions and links to videos on making the teas!

Tea 1: 2022 Spring Moganshan Green Tea (50g)

Super fresh green tea from one of China’s great tea mountains! This direct-from-the-farm tea is super sweet, smooth and easy-drinking. If you’re looking for a great green tea, this is it.


@yourteaguy Do you like green tea? What kind? #tea #teatime #chinese #asian #gongfutea #gongfucha #greentea #jessesteahouse ♬ LoFi(860862) - skollbeats



Tea 2: 2022 Jinjunmei Red Tea (50g)

Made from just the buds of the best quality tea plants, this Jinjunmei is sweet, floral, and has a fantastic aftertaste that makes it one of my favorite tea types, bar none!


Tea 3: 2005 Lang He Aged Shu Pu’er (50g)

I’ve got a hold of a bunch of these 17(!) year old tea cakes and will be breaking them into sampler-sizes so you can try it out! Very dark and earthy with a super-smooth taste that doesn’t get bitter no matter how long you steep. A great cooked (shu) pu’er for those that want something special.


@yourteaguy Would you try the smooooth #tea #puerh #puer #teacake #teatime #jessesteahouse #chinese #asian #gongfutea #gongfucha #2005 ♬ Chill out lofi hip hop(912904) - osuga satoshi



Jesse's Tea Club By The Numbers:
3 Teas per box
20-30 Tea Sessions per Box
4 Boxes per year
Zodiac-themed Tea Pet per box (optional)
1 Zodiac-themed Tea Cup per box (optional)
FREE Members-only tea events on Discord
NO long-term commitment (cancel whenever)


Don't miss out on our adorable tiger tea pet!
Get him by himself, or add a tea pet to your subscription to save and receive each new tea pet automatically!
This beautiful tiger tea cup is made of white porcelain with a matte finish and super soft hand feel. A fantastic piece to drink from and a piece of art to decorate your tea room with!
Can I get one box without subscribing?
Yes, you can! Just place your order above and do not click "Subscribe and Save."
Of course, you can also subscribe and save, and cancel at any time. I'm confident you will love the service!

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Nope! When you click "Subscribe and Save!" you will get the discount immediately, but will only be charged for today's purchase.

New teas will be delivered once every 3 months and you will only be charged when each box ships.

I hope this will make the club more accessible to people who don’t have a years’ worth of tea money to spend all at once.


Special Tea Club Member Perks?

Once you subscribe, you get to be a member of Jesse’s Tea Club!

Anyone can join our discord channel at any time by clicking here! Tea Club Members, however, get access to a special chat channel.

In the future, Jesse will be hosting special subscribers-only live tea sessions and other fun events just for Tea Club members!

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!! I can’t wait to make this Tea Club Subscription the best tea experience out there!!!

– Jesse 杰西


NOTE - Unfortunately, this subscription does not qualify for any discount coupons other than our preorder discount. If you want to save, subscribe!

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