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茶友好!Cha You Hao!

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All you need to get started making fantastic tea!

Jesse's Recommendations for Beginnners

Tea Time Is Better With a Pet

Tea pets are part of the Gongfu tea tradition. They are small clay animals that live on the tea table and bring luck and auspiciousness.

You "raise" them by pouring tea on them over the months and years. Tea pets that come with the sampler kit are randomly selected from six options ー IT IS FATE.

Bridging Cultures One Cup at a Time

1000 Years of Gongfu Tea

Making Gongfu tea is more than throwing leaves in a cup! You're exploring a deep dive into tea through the lidded cup, tea table, and handpicked leaves.

Quality You Can See

If you can't see what's inside a tea bag, it could be anything. Scary thought! I picked teas you want to see up close. And maybe even take a selfie with. Is that weird? Not to me!

Chinese Tea Experts

Jesse's tea friends are now your tea friends! Customers are invited to VIP live events and cultural workshops with Jesse's tea friends in China, like Wu Kai, whose teas are in Jesse's sampler box!

Thank you for this very informative channel! This is a style of tea I didn't know existed.

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I drink pretty much exclusively coffee but for some reason I really want to try this

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You look like Michael Cera with the personality of Uncle Iroh

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Tea is more than leaves

In Jesse's Teahouse, being a tea friend means more than drinking tea together with me. You get a community.


Breakage in Shipping? I got you!

I have spent countless hours taking steps to assure the fragile tea equipment won't break on its journey around the world to your door.

If you have any issues though, send me a message at teafriendsupport@jessesteahouse.com and I will work to replace broken parts.

I look after my tea friends and hope people will appreciate the difference between having a tea guy and buying on online megastores.

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