Textured Brass Coaster Set

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Textured Brass Coaster Series

Anywhere there is tea culture, coasters begin as practical objects but quickly evolve to be ornamental as well.

These brass coasters are solid and well-made without being overly heavy. Made of beaten metal, they have great visual texture and match well with wood tones.

Our coasters come in packs of two, as well as a "two of each" combo pack. We stock three different shapes:

Brass Leaf Coaster

Brass Circle Coaster

Brass Flower Coaster

Jesse's Review:

Coasters are a small detail, but small details are exactly the things that help make a gongfu tea session different from just throwing leaves in a cup.

These brass coasters are elegant without being overwhelming. I like the feel of them in my hands and they are sized well for the types of smaller cups used in gongfu tea.