Jesse's Teahouse Tea Towel

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Jesse's Teahouse Tea Towels
A tea towel is a useful tool for wiping spills, drying the bottom of tea cups and pitchers, and generally maintaining the cleanliness of your tea setup.
Our towels are made of soft, absorbent materials, each with the Jesse's Teahouse logo and each color featuring a Chinese character related to the tea experience.
Pick up an extra in your favorite color or a four-pack with one of each color!

Jesse Says:
We always gave free tea towels with all of our tea sets, and one day I realized if I was going to be buying towels to give to people, I might as well make my own!
We picked a super soft, absorbent material and did full color printing to add a bit of extra pop. I chose four characters, each of which I felt was an essential part of a tea session, and used them as the design base for the towel set.

Will a tea towel make your life better? It's hard to believe it won't.