Hand-painted Cat Trio Tea Pets

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Hand-painted Cat Trio Tea Pets


They cats!!!! And they want the tea!!!

These hand-painted clay cattos come in sets of three! With three different positions and many different fur patterns, each three-pack is a pleasant surprise of furballs!

Each three-pack is a randomly selected collection of assorted colors and positions - no two cats in the same pack will be the same, but they may be different from the ones in the photograph!

Perfect for your tea table, or hanging around on shelves anywhere!


What Are Tea Pets?

Tea pets are part of the Chinese Gongfu Tea tradition, going back 1000 years. They live on the tea table and bring luck and auspiciousness when water or tea is poured on them.

Tea pets are a way to personalize your tea sessions. Pick the animals you feel a connection to!