Calligraphy Bird Teacup Set

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Calligraphy Bird Tea Cup Set

This gorgeous teacup set features four cups with birds perching on calligraphy reading "感恩舍得“ Gǎn'ēn shědé - “Grateful and Willing."

Birds on Words

Each cup features a bird perched on a calligraphic character.


The cups feature:

  • Gold accenting around the top, bottom, and base of the cup;
  • Smooth blue-on-blue glaze patterns with floral designs;
  • Gold "horse-hair brush" style calligraphy;
  • Tiny birds!
  • Light blue interior glaze to show tea color clearly.

 Gift Box Packaging
This four-cup set comes in a custom-made box with a gold-inlay Jesse's Teahouse logo, perfect for gifting, display, or simply keeping your cups safe if you pack them for a teatime to go.

Jesse’s Review: 

In China, gifting calligraphy is a great way of being able to deliver a message along with a piece of art.

In the case of this cup set, I liked the idea of having a teacup set which incorporated a message of thanksgiving and support.

Given as a gift, it will show thanks and appreciation; used by oneself, it reminds us to be grateful for what we have, both in larger sensel, but also for the small time and beauty of this specific cup of tea.

The tiny birds are an added bonus!

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