Jesse's 8-Tea Gongfu Tea Sampler

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Jesse’s Teahouse Gongfu Tea Sampler
NOTE: We have swapped the raw pu'er dragon balls in this sampler with raw pu'er tea coins and have not yet updated the photos. The product info below is correct!

Eight of my best teas in one box!

Since only way to know if you like a tea is to try it, this sampler is aimed at sharing the broadest possible spectrum in tastes and styles.

My hope is new and experience drinkers alike will enjoy a journey through these many flavors!


Each sampler box includes two sessions (between 8-20 grams) each of:

8-Year Aged Pu’er Tea Oranges (x 2 Oranges)
Smooth and earthy. The tea and orange flavors meld together to create something new! Intense but warm and calming, one orange will last you all day.

Gongmei White Tea Balls (x 2 Tea Balls)
Floral and sweet but with a strong body in the middle steeps, this tea is sun-dried and minimally processed. Gongmei white tea uses leaves and buds for both fragrance and flavor.

Qimen Red Tea Packets (x 2 Packets)
Qimen is the base tea for English Breakfast, so those familiar with Western tea tradition should enjoy trying this super high-quality leaf pure. Bold but surprisingly light and refreshing.

Sister Ai's Everyday Raw (Sheng) Pu'er Tea Coins (x 2 tea coins)
From ancient trees over 200 years old, we get this tea direct from Sister Ai, a tea farmer who we collaborate with to make our Tea Master series. A delicious mix of sweet, astringent, this tea has powerful tea energy to keep you going all day. Don't drink at night or on an empty stomach!
Black Jasmine Liubao (x2 tea packets)
Dark black tea aromatized using traditional techniques with jasmine flowers, this tea has a smooth, rich, dark flavor with exquisite floral scent. Hard to find even in China, it is a real treat!

Longjing (Dragonwell) Green Tea (x2 tea packets)
The classic green tea of choice for Chinese for hundreds of years, Longjing is light, sweet, crisp, and fragrant, everything one wants in a green tea!

Roasted Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin) Oolong (x2 tea packets)
Oolong is halfway between a green and a black tea, with the flavor and fragrance closer green teas and a complex taste closer to black teas. This Iron Goddess has been roasted for an extra level of depth.

Shoumei Mandarin Peel White Tea (x2 mini-bricks)
The sweet, herbal flavor of shoumei white tea is balanced by a fresh burst of citrus. This tea comes in convenient serving-sized pressed mini-bricks, perfect both for travel and enjoying at home.

Jesse Says:
I am super proud of this sampler!
Back when I launched the site in 2021, the very first product on the site was our 4-tea sampler. I know that many people outside of China got their first taste of quality Chinese tea through that sampler.
Over the first two years of the Teahouse, we got tens of thousands of comments on our social media videos. Many people wanted to find ways of getting into tea without spending too much on any one tea.
By expanding our 4-tea sampler to 8 teas, I hope that this box is not only a great experience, a good gift, and a doorway into quality tea; I hope it is the first step on even more peoples' tea journey.


These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-10 cups of tea, so at roughly $2 per tea session, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Also, for the most value, try the MEGA SAMPLER!  It's in the drop-down menu at the top of this item page, and includes full-sized portions of all the teas:
15 red tea packets;
10 tea oranges,
10 raw pu'er dragonballs, and
10 white tea balls
and 50g bags of:
Shoumei White Tea
Jasmine Liubao
Roasted Tieguanyin Oolong
Longjing Green Tea
(NOTE:  Megasampler will still be as above with the raw pu'er dragon balls until May 1, when we launch 50g cakes of Sister Ai's Everyday Sheng)


Select the menu under "Add to Cart" and scroll down to get a sampler with a random tea pet included.

You can also choose your tea pets separately if you want -- scroll down to the bottom of this page to see options!


Each box comes also comes with an info booklet that tells you:

Tea Origin

Steep Temperature

Steep Time