White Porcelain "Cha Ze" Tea Presentation Scoop

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White Porcelain "Cha Ze" Tea Presentation Scoop
What is a Tea Scoop?
For those who enjoy tea as an experience and not just a beverage, a tea scoop is a fantastic option to display your tea before adding it to your gaiwan or teapot.
By displaying the leaves before drinking, the tea scoop brings a small extra step of mindful enjoyment to the tea-making process!
This Product's Features:


High-Temperature fired Dehua porcelain;

Curved-leaf shape helps display tea while preventing spills,

Clean white color matches with all types of teas and tea sets.


It’s a great fit for:


Those who enjoy the experiential process of tea-making;

Passing around to show guests tea leaves before steeping.

Jesse’s Review:

In China, there are many types of tea scoops, and I hadn't put them on the site yet because even though they are a simple item I wanted one of good quality that would fit with any of the sets on my site.

This one does just that! It's a small step to your tea-making process to use a tea scoop, but I find it is fantastic for admiring the leaves before I make them.

Why go through the process of finding beautiful leaves but never looking at them?


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