Fat Tiger Tea Cup Set

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Fat Tiger Tea Cup Set

Somewhere, amongst the misty mountains of a faraway land, lives a fat tiger just going about his day.

Our Fat Tiger four-cup tea series combines traditional Chinese "Shan Shui" landscape style painting blessed with the derpiest of tigers.

 Animals in Predicaments

Each cup features our tiger hero in different predicaments.

On the back of the cups, there is calligraphy describing each stage of the tiger's epic journey, which translate into:

"Tiger Gathering Wealth"
"Tiger Ascending the Mountain"
"Derpy Tiger Roars"
"Tiger Descends the Mountain."

 Gift Box Packaging
This four-cup set comes in a custom-made box with a gold-inlay Jesse's Teahouse logo, perfect for gifting, display, or simply keeping your cups safe if you pack them for a teatime to go.

Jesse’s Review: 

In June, I was in Dehua, the porcelain capital of the world, looking at different cup sets for the site.

I think you can all imagine what I felt when I saw the fat tiger and his journey. I knew it would be a great set for the site.

The porcelain quality is excellent, and the cups are a good size - larger than some of the gongfu tea cups but still small enough to not feel unwieldy in the hand. I like the subtle gold rim around the top.

I hope you - or a friend!  - enjoy teatime with this tiger. His tea journey and yours are now entwined!

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