Dragon Tea Cup

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Zodiac Series Dragon Tea Cup

Enter the Dragon with our Dragon Teacup!

This teacup features a gold laser-etched image of an unfurling dragon and a seal-script imprint of the Chinese character "龍" or Dragon.

The dragon cup is white porcelain from Dehua, one of China's top porcelain manufacturing areas. It is roughly 3 ounces, perfect for Gongfu-style teamaking.

With a subtle gold ring at the base and the rim, it's a piece that will fit well in any set. 


Gold laser-etched dragon image;

Red seal-style "龍" Dragon character

Gold ring at rim and base.

It’s a great fit for: 

Serving as a "host cup" for yourself when inviting guests;

Getting two or four as a full set!

Jesse’s Review:

This is a really great tea cup! It's both simple and glamorous, and it feels very smooth in the hand.

I recommend the two-pack -  I'm able to give a big discount if people get more than one.


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