Jesse's Rotating Teapot Set & Carrying Case

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Jesse's "Lazy Gongfu" Rotating Teapot Set & Carrying Case

Gongfu Teamaking goes back over 1000 years, originating in Chaozhou in Guangdong Province, China.

While Gongfu Tea can be done with either a lidded cup or a pot, this pot has a bit of a twist! Affixed by a handle, the pot rotates, allowing you to pour and filter the tea while keeping the leaves in the pot.
It's perfect for people who want Gongfu-style tea but prefer teapot steeping. Using a filtered pot and tea tray will improve the quality of the tea experience and can also be a surprisingly relaxing and meditative hobby. 

This set contains everything you need to get started, both for making tea yourself, and for friends.

What's In The Case?

This set includes everything you need to make gongfu tea, including:

1) Tea Tray 

Gongfu-style tea tray with slats that collects water and tea underneath for easy cleaning and disposal. It holds your tea equipment and gives your tea pets a place to live!

Clean and stylish, the top is made of sustainable bamboo; the bottom is made of white plastic.

2) Full 11-Piece Tea Set - A complete blue-and-white ceramic tea set including:

1 Rotating teapot with filter and handle for brewing tea, including lid;
4 Tea cups, for serving several guests;
1 Glass pitcher for holding the brewed tea;
1 Tea towel;
1 Set of wooden tongs;
1 plastic tube for tea tray draining.
3) FREE Tea Pet!

Tea pets are part of the Gongfu Tea tradition! They are small clay animals that live on the tea table and bring luck and auspiciousness. You "raise" your tea pets by pouring tea on them over the months and years.

Each set comes with a free random tea pet! 

Bring Gongfu Tea Anywhere!

The set comes in a beautiful carrying case, which is full of foam padding so as to protect your tea equipment even when you travel. 

I film lots of videos around the country making tea, and I bring this travel set with me everywhere. It fits in a backpack for longer journeys, and it has a handle for toting to a friend's house.

Tea Table + Tea Sampler Combo Discount!

If you're just getting started, you'll need some teas as well!

Save with 8-tea classic sampler - perfect for new drinkers who want to try a bit of everything, or for experienced people who just want another taste!

To save $8 on the sampler box, go to the top of this page and select the combo option from drop-down menu next to the product name.

Jesse's Quality Guarantee!


When I started this shop, I wanted to find a way to take care of tea friends in a way normal online shops wouldn't.

That's why I will replace any defective items for free. Simply contact if you have issues.
I also highly recommend buying shipping insurance with your order - for a few dollars, we will cover any breakages, losses, and package theft 100%!
I take care of my tea friends! I hope you will keep coming back!