Tea Club Members: A Letter from Jesse

Hello Tea Subscribers!

Thank you so much for being the first and best members of our tea club! It has been so much fun seeing everyone’s responses to the new teas each time we launch a new box.

Based on customer feedback and a year’s worth of knowledge from our Jesse’s Teahouse team about running the subscription, I have decided to make a few changes to the Snake Box and the subscription club going forward. I wanted to share them with you all here.

Starting with the Snake Box:

  • We will be launching a loyalty program so you can accumulate points towards free goodies and benefits!
  • All subscribers will now receive their teas at the beginning of the launch, instead of 90 days after the day of their last box. This will create a more cohesive club experience where we all get the teas at once and can do better launch events and tea tastings together. 
  • The base cost of the subscription will rise $10 per quarter. Note: As a thank you to our current subscribers, we will not increase the price of the Snake Box for anyone who is subscribed before 8/1/23. This will allow us to continue to not sacrifice on tea quality while servicing all our subscribers each cycle.

The Snake Box teas are all set, and we have an amazing lineup!

  • The Snake Box’s teas will include a Roasted Iron Goddess Oolong, a Black Jasmine Liubao, and a 2015 Bangdong Ancient Tree Red Tea. Super excited about all three!!!

This past year has been an amazing experience, where I have lived out my dream of running a tea club that I feel delivers amazing teas in generous quantities.

As prices for everything around the world have increased, I don’t want to buy less good quality tea and run a tea club that isn’t as good as I want it to be just to keep the price of the service artificially low. 

My hope is that going forward, by delivering everybody their teas at the same time, and still at a price which is very competitive, we will be able to build a better community experience and share tea knowledge with each other.

If anyone has any questions, please do let us know! Email teafriendsupport@jessesteahouse.com anytime. 

Many thanks to you all!

I have the honor to be Your Tea Guy,

Jesse 杰西