Horse Tea Cup

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Zodiac Series Horse Tea Cup
This big, beautiful teacup isn't horsing around!
This large, 150ml/5oz tea cup is a great centerpiece for a tea table. It features a laser-engraved golden horse image, along with calligraphy of the character 马 (horse) in the 2000-year old style known as Xiaozhuan - “lesser seal script.”
The cup has a subtle gold rim as well as delicately ornamented golden filagree around the base.
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Large white porcelain tea cup;

Soft, smooth hand feel;

Golden laser-etched horse artwork with archaic calligraphy

Tasteful gold stripe around rim; golden ornamentation around the base


It’s a great fit for:

Serving as a "host cup" for yourself when inviting guests;

Display as a centerpiece on your tea table!


Jesse’s Review: 

This horse cup is a great cup! It's soft, lustrous and I love the golden horse and calligraphy.

This cup is large by gongfu standards. Using the gaiwans that come with my tea sets, a full steep will be comfortably contained by the cup. I think it is a good fit with my sets, especially if you are doing tea for yourself.

The gold around the top and bottom edges is a nice touch and accentuates the golden horse in the middle.


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