Blue-White Porcelain Gongfu Tea Set

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What is Blue-White Porcelain?
Blue-White Porcelain, known in Chinese as "Qing Hua Ci 青花瓷" is perhaps the most classic of all tea-ware materials. The white of the porcelain serves as the "negative space" that brings out detail in traditional Chinese painting.
Fired at 1300 Celsius (2370 Fahrenheit), the high heat allows this porcelain to have clean, bright colors as well as making it impervious to water, making it easy to clean and maintain. This attribute also means the set will not absorb the flavor of the tea, making it good for making all types of teas without fear of mixing flavors.
Jesse says: Our Blue-White Porcelain comes from Dehua, China, where our local tea guy Alex finds us the best stuff and maintains top quality at a fantastic price.
Me and Alex meeting in Dehua, China
About This Tea Set
This 10-piece tea set has everything needed for making Chinese-style Gongfu Tea:
1 Lidded Cup, including plate, for steeping the tea; 
1 Tea Filter, including filter-holder;
1 Glass "Gongdaobei" Pitcher;
4 tea cups.
All of the teaware, except for the glass, is painted in the traditional Chinese landscape painting style known as Mountain and Water Style, or "Shan Shui Hua 山水画".
This style shows the mountains, bridges, boats and trees of classic Chinese scenery in blue, set against the white of the porcelain. The scene is highlighted by detailing in red.
This is a fantastic starter set for anyone interested in Gongfu Tea-making.
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