Spitting Frog Tea Pet

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Meet the many frog friends of the "Spitting Frog Sitting on Things" collection!

All four of these frog tea pets have their own perch and can actually shoot water out their tiny mouths! Grab one or get a discount on the whole set! 

How do they spit?

 To make your frog spit, simply:

1) Douse the whole tea pet in boiling water;

2) Immediately submerge the tea pet in a bowl of cold water, watching for bubbles to form around the mouth;

3) Replace on your tea table and douse again in boiling water!

The frog expands from the first hot bath, sucking in some cold water in the bowl as it contracts. Then, the second hot bath heats up the air inside the tea pet, pressurizing the pet and shooting out the water!

Grab the set!

Can't choose which one you want? Save and get them all with the 4-Frog Combo Set!

Jesse's Review:

Spitting tea pets are a super fun thing to show friends who come over for tea! They are popular in China (especially the more traditional "pee-pee boy") but I felt these frogs were a bit better fit for my taste.

The four-pack is a great deal since these make great small gifts and they all come in their own individual boxes, so you can keep some and gift the others. Or, keep them all!