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This is a PRE-ORDER for the Jesse's Taiwanese Oolong Sampler (formerly the Mystery Tea Drop). Unfortunately we've hit issues with the custom's office so we're unable to give an eta on this item at the moment. All updates will be added here as we have them.

You can cancel your pre-order any time by emailing


Please place this item in a separate order, otherwise all your items will not ship until this item arrives in our warehouse! 

Jesse's Taiwanese Oolong Tea Sampler
Updated 7/2/24
A message from Jesse:

When I left for my Taiwan trip in early January, I had no idea what I would be able to find, and so I posted a "mystery box" item on the site.

I spent the next two weeks drinking tea all over taipei and even going to the tea mountains. When I got to this spot on Dongding mountain, I knew this would be where we would get our teas! I'm proud to announce my Jesse in Taiwan Oolong Sampler Box!


We will be working directly with Jayme and Uncle Liu, a third-generation tea family with farms in Dong Ding and Qilai Mountain!

Jayme and I at her family's tea farm on Dong Ding Shan. Jayme's family's teas are featured in Michelin Star restaurants across Europe.

Uncle Liu is one of the last people in all of Taiwan who still does traditional charcoal roasting, using only pure Longan tree charcoal to make small batches of maximum 6 kg at a time.

Uncle Liu showing me his longan tree charcoal used for the traditional small-batch charcoal roasting method

The slow roasting process and super even charcoal heat lends the tea a depth of flavor different from normal "electric roasted" oolongs.

Our oolong box will include:

Alishan Milk Oolong (50g)
Light, sweet, fresh and smooth with a milky mouth feel. 

Dong Ding Charcoal Roasted Oolong (25g)
Tea from Jayme's family farm roasted using traditional Longan charcoal roasting method. Crisp, toasty and smooth.
Red Oolong (25g);
A new innovative tea production method starts the leaves like a red tea but finishes as an oolong. Sweet and deep!
"Heavy Roast" Charcoal Oolong (10g)
Rare and unique ultra-heavy charcoal roast, takes a month to complete one batch. Coffee, cigar & leather flavors.
I'll be doing more detailed descriptions of each of the teas, but the types of amounts are set for now barring any unforeseen changes.

When will it be delivered?
We still have no firm date, but we are aiming for mid-July. This is our first time packing samplers in Taiwan and we hope everything goes smoothly.

Teapot Tea Pet

Yes, it's a tea pet, and yes, you can actually use it as a tiny tiny teapot!

If you preordered before we ran out, we have yours ready! Otherwise, this option is no longer available.


I've got a few answers to questions I am sure will arise:

Q: How long will the preorder be open?

A: I plan on keeping this preorder on the site for at least until the end of June. After that, I may remove it. After the preorder period, the final item may cost more than $50, depending on how much we actually spent making them. It definitely will not be less than $50.

Q: Will the teas be available in bigger bags outside the sampler?

A: Yes, we will also be buying a limited quantity of 50g bags of each tea, which will be available when the sampler launches. Those items cannot be pre-ordered, however.

Q: I'm not in the USA. Can you ship it directly to me?

A: Unfortunately, we can't deal with the logistics of sending the tea to individuals from Taiwan directly. Non-US customers will need to order from the site as normal.

Do know, though, that we are researching opening more warehouses around the world and I do know that the shipping times and costs are annoying! I thank all the international tea friends for their support! 

Q: I ordered other items with my preorder without realizing it would delay shipping of my other items. Can I split the order?

A: Yes, we can split the order for you, but you will need to pay for shipping costs for two orders. Email and our team will assist you.

Q: Where can we find information as it gets updated?

A: Here, on this page! We will be adding info including tea name, weight, pictures, etc., as we figure things out.