Glazed Tea Storage Canister

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Glazed Tea Storage Canister

These tea canisters are gorgeous glazed pottery, a perfect choice for storing your loose leaf teas!


Gorgeous Lubao-style glazed coating (your choice of several colors!)

Keeps tea cool, dry, out of direct sunlight for best aging;

900ml size plenty large enough for most tea collectors;

High-quality air-tight linen-wrapped top;

It’s a great fit for:

Home tea storage;

Tea collection display;

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Jesse’s Review:

Loose leaf tea should be stored in a dry, airtight space, and these jars do that while looking amazing! Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and temperature fluctuation will protect your tea’s flavor and fragrance.

This Lubao glaze style comes from Taiwan. Each canister is a unique item because the glaze process creates small changes between individual pots. You can use a different canister for each type of tea you have, or individually label smaller bags and use one large container for several types of tea.

Honestly you could store anything in these – also a good choice for bakers/chefs that want to have handy access!

Note: These are solidly made and a bit heavy! If you are wondering why the shipping price is higher than normal, that is why.

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