Double-Walled Glass Tea Cups

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Double-Walled Glass Tea Cups (Box of 6) 
Glass cups are timeless yet modern, simple yet beautiful!


These features:

Double-walled design allows for easy holding of hot tea;

Clear glass is perfect for viewing tea color;


Simple, elegant curved bowl shape;

Easy to rinse with just hot water.



It’s a great fit for:

New and experienced tea friends alike;

Brightly colored teas; high-quality clear teas;

Matches any color of tea table.

Jesse’s Review:

 I absolutely love these glass teacups. Firstly, the tea just looks beautiful suspended in mid-air thanks to the double-walled design.

Secondly, the cups really show off the tea color, and the teas on my site all have fantastic color. It brings the sensory experience up a notch to see the tea so clearly.

Think six cups are too many? I looked into getting smaller amounts onto the shop and because of shipping and packaging, it was almost the same cost for 6 cups as for 2. So I decided to give people a few extra for a few more dollars, in case of future accidents!


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