Cat Cup Nested Infuser Mug

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Cat Cup Nested Infuser Mug 

It’s a cat!

That’s also a cup!

That’s got a tea infuser inside that lets you make awesome whole leaf tea!

It is as awesome as it sounds!


It’s a cat;

Removable ceramic infuser perfect for making loose leaf tea;

Matte color with gold embellishments;

Mug-sized body for Western-style tea drinking

It’s a great fit for:

At-home tea-making

Work/Home office

Putting next to actual cats and taking pictures


@yourteaguy Preorder by clicking the link in my bio or Google searching Jesse’s Teahouse 🍵🔥🍵 #tea #teatime #teapot #jessesteahouse #chinese #asian #culture ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic




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Jesse’s Review:

I posted about three seconds of video of this cup and got probably a hundred comments on Instagram that people had to have the Cat Cup! 

This cat cup is a bit of a departure from my usual Chinese-style aesthetic, but… it’s a cat! And even though it’s not “traditional”, the interior ceramic filter is perfect for making Chinese style loose leaf tea.

The filter is removable, so you make the tea in the mug and then remove the filter. This way you can avoid over-steeping your tea and put the leaves aside, so you can still get multiple uses out of high-quality loose leaf.

The head of the cat comes off when it’s teatime and goes back on afterwards so you can look at your cat cup every time you walk by your mugs.

Don’t Forget Your Tea Pets!

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