2024 Spring Green Tea Sampler

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Jesse's 2024 Spring Green Tea Sampler

NOTE: They are here!!! This item is in stock and will ship within 2 business days.

Every spring for hundreds of years, tea lovers have fought over the first pickings of the new green teas!
Spring green tea has unrivaled freshness, crisp sweetness and pure scent. It is light, sweet, and super drinkable - the perfect drink for the spring and summer!
We work directly with our tea farmers and partners in China to pack and seal green teas within days of harvest. 

Two Sampler Options!
Three Tea Sampler: Includes White Anji, Longjing, and Moganshan green teas.
Four Tea Sampler: Includes the three above, plus a canister of Ancient Tree Red Yao Green Tea.

Each sampler also has a double-box option, with twice the tea!


Each sampler contains 1 canister (50g or 7-10 servings) of each of:

White Anji Green Tea

White tea? Green tea?
It's a bit confusing, but even though the Chinese name of this tea literally translates to "Anji White Tea", it is actually a super fresh and flavorful green tea! The "White" in the name refers to the bright, translucent color of the steeped leaves.

Known for it's very smooth mouth feel, Anji white tea has a soft, clean taste followed by a sweet finish. The leaves are long and pointy, and unfurl beautifully in water.

Jesse Says: This tea reminds me of when lived in Shanghai for half a year in 2017 as a writer and cast member on the Chinese version of SNL. Anji is very close to Shanghai and I had the hookup with the farmers. I drank this stuff three times a day to keep writing all day. Those same farmers are sending us this year's crop!

Where's Waldo/Jesse - can you spot me in the cast photo?

West Lake Longjing (Dragonwell)

The classic green tea of the last 1500 years! Delicate with natural sweetness, Longjing is what everyone thinks of when you say "green tea."

This spring Longjing from the mountains surrounding area near Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, will bring the scent and taste of the famous West Lake to your home. This is a tea worth inviting friends over to try!
Jesse Says: Dragonwell, simply put, is "the" green tea! If you ever get a chance to visit Hangzhou, go to one of the many teahouses ringing the West Lake, sit, sip, and enjoy!

Moganshan Green Tea

In 2022, we worked with farmers at the Moganshan mountain retreat near Shanghai to launch our first ever green tea on the shop.
Three crops later, we know this tea is a hit! It's been such a favorite of followers on social media and the discord we immediately told the farmers we would be continuing our collaboration for the 2024 crop.
Jesse Says: Check out my trip to Moganshan and see how we turn fresh picked tea leaves into finished tea!

Ancient Tree Hong Yao Green Tea
(This tea is optional - if you want it, choose the four tea sampler)

500-year old Ancient Tea Trees, with women in Hong Yao traditional clothing!

This is a special one! Deep in the hills of Guangxi province, the Hong Yao (also known as Red Yao) people have protected their ancient tea trees for hundreds of years.

It is rare to find ancient tree teas used for green tea, and the end result combines the flavor and freshness of green tea with the complex aftertaste of ancient tree tea.

The small crop of these trees is harvested just once per year and then is finished. We will be able to share with all preorder customers, though we cannot guarantee being able to replenish if we sell out later in the year.

These ancient tree teas are a bit more expensive because of the low crop output and also the fact the trees are so big that they need to be harvested by workers on ladders, climbing the trees to get the leaves.

One note about this tea: We are not sure if we will be able to restock this tea, so there is a good possibility when we're out, we're out. If you want it, get it sooner rather than later.

Jesse Says: Tea fate struck with this one! I happened to meet a local from the tea mountain who lives part time in California and has been searching for someone to be able to get the word out about their Ancient Tree tea. I loved their sample and can't wait to see what you all think!

One bag of each not enough?

You know you. I know you. You're gonna want more.

I've got a double-sized sampler option for the real tea heads out there - just go to the drop-down menu and select the double-sized option.
Our bags are sealed and re-sealable, which means you can keep the tea fresh the whole year.
Can I buy them individually?
Yes! They're all in our Green Tea catalogue.