Jianzhan "Hundred Flowers" Tea Cup

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Jianzhan "Hundred Flowers" Series Tea Cups

Jianzhan tea ware originates from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), where potters learned that iron particles in glaze would form exquisite patterns when heated to over 1350C/2462F.

Our Jianzhan cups are made by potter Zeng Xiaohui and his team. The glaze style named "One Hundred Flowers" for the intricate white flashes in the glaze.

Jianzhan Cup Shapes

Zeng Laoshi prepared two styles of cups for us. Pick the one you like best, or combo both for a discount!

Please note that these cups are individual pieces of art. No two cups are exactly the same, meaning the exact glaze pattern will differ slightly from cup to cup.

"Straw Hat" Jianzhan Cup

Named "Dou Li Bei" in Chinese, after the straw hats worn by tea farmers.

"Round Hat" Jianzhan Cup.


Named "Mao Zi Bei" in Chinese, after round, dome-shaped hats.


Gift Box & Certificate of Authenticity

Each Jianzhan cup comes in a gorgeous blue box with calligraphy reading "Jesse's Teahouse" attached on the outside, along with our red company seal carved by Master calligrapher Tang Qingnian.

Inside the box is protective padding as well as a certificate of authenticity.

Jesse’s Review: What's a "Host Cup"? 

Host cups are cups that are more intricate than normal teacups. Usually in a traditional tea set, there will four or six cups. But for some cups that are more unique, Chinese tea drinkers will get a single cup, and use it themselves while hosting tea guests.

Host cups make great gifts for tea people because they are meant to be used by the tea drinker themself. They are also sometimes used by guests who frequent one teahouse, where they will keep the host cup so that every time they visit, they can use their own cup.

I hope you all will get the chance to try these cups yourself! The color of the tea looks amazing when placed against the backdrop of the hundred flowers pattern.

Don’t Forget Your Tea Pets!

It’s not gongfu tea time without a tea pet! Check out the tea pets and add one to your order!


Jesse's Quality Guarantee!

When I started this shop, I wanted to find a way to take care of tea friends in a way normal online shops wouldn't.
That's why I will replace any defective items for free. Simply contact teafriendsupport@jessesteahouse.com if you have issues.
I also highly recommend buying shipping insurance with your order - for a few dollars, we will cover any breakages, losses, and package theft 100%!
I take care of my tea friends! I hope you will keep coming back!