Green Color Changing "Jin Chan" Money Toad Tea Pet

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Green "Jin Chan" Money Toad Tea Pet

He's a BIG BOI color-changing frog with a coin in his mouth! What's not to like???

Money Toads, or "Jin Chan", are mythical animals within Chinese culture. The coin in their mouth symbolizes prosperity and wealth, and pouring tea on Money Toads is said to bring good luck.

Because of this, many Feng Shui advisors say that Money Toads must never face a doorway directly, otherwise prosperity will leave the household.

This changey boi goes from dark green to bright jade when hot liquid is poured on him - the hotter, the stronger the reaction!


What Are Tea Pets?

Tea pets are part of the Chinese Gongfu Tea tradition, going back 1000 years. They live on the tea table and bring luck and auspiciousness when water or tea is poured on them.

Tea pets are a way to personalize your tea sessions. Pick the animals you feel a connection to!