2023 Spring Green Tea Sampler Preorder

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Jesse's 2023 Spring Green Tea PREORDER!

NOTE: This item is a preorder for the first batch of spring teas which will arrive sometime between May-July.

Preorders can be cancelled free of charge at any time!

If you just can't wait, consider our 2022 Moganshan Spring Green Tea.

Every spring for hundreds of years, tea lovers have fought over the first pickings of the new green teas!

Spring green tea has unrivaled freshness, crisp sweetness and pure scent. It is light, sweet, and super drinkable - the perfect drink for the spring and summer!

I've been working directly with our tea farmers and partners in China to pack and seal green teas within days of harvest to compile a killer green tea sampler - the freshest you can get!

Why Preorder?

By pre-ordering, you get:
  • Guaranteed first access to the spring green teas - shipment as fast as I can get them here!
  • A FREE EXCLUSIVE TEA PET which I will only send to preorder tea friends!
  • My thanks as your tea guy for helping me know how much to order!


Each sampler contains 1 bag (50g or 7-10 servings) of each of:

West Lake Longjing (Dragonwell)

The classic green tea of the last 1500 years! Delicate with natural sweetness, Longjing is what everyone thinks of when you say "green tea."

This spring Longjing from the mountains surrounding area near Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, will bring the scent and taste of the famous West Lake to your home. This is a tea worth inviting friends over to try!

Biluochun "Jade Snail" Spring Green Tea

Biluochun, or "Jade Snail" green tea was given its name by the Kangxi Emperor, who saw the the similarity to spiral snail shells in the curious, curled shape of the leaves.

Punchier and bolder than other green teas, biluochun is a premium-grade tea with bold color and notes of apple and pear. Personally, it's the top green tea that I look forward to each spring.

Moganshan Green Tea

Last year, we worked with farmers at the Moganshan mountain retreat near Shanghai to launch our first ever green tea on the shop.

That tea was such a success and got such great reviews from our tea drinkers we have decided to bring it back - with a brand new fresh spring crop!

Learn more about the Moganshan green tea here - and pick up a bag  of the 2022 spring tea while you wait, since we have a special one-time-only discount to clear room for the new incoming shipment.

One bag of each not enough?

You know you. I know you. You're gonna want more.

I've got a double-sized sampler option for the real tea heads out there - just go to the drop-down menu and select the double-sized option.

Our bags are sealed and re-sealable, which means you can keep the tea fresh the whole year.


Q: When will the teas arrive?
A: As soon as possible! We hope to have the teas by Mid-June, but we could be a month earlier or later than that.

Q: Why so long?
A: Our tea farmers have told us this year's crop has big issues caused by excessive rain and low sunlight. The result is a smaller yield of the super-premium "Tomb-sweeping Festival" pickings, which have been snapped up at super inflated prices within China.

In order to maintain high quality and reasonable price, we need to push back our own tea buying by a few weeks more than we hoped. But I would rather get great quality at a great price than sacrifice either of those things to hit the market first and make customers unhappy.

We will give updates during the whole process, so stay tuned!

Q: Can I get just one of the teas?
A: Yes, once the teas arrive, we will be able to sell them individually. For this preorder, however, to receive the first batch of teas and also get the free tea pet, we are only offering the full sampler.

Q: Can I cancel a preorder?
A: Yes, anytime! Just message teafriendsupport@jessesteahouse.com with your order number and we will give you a full refund.

Any other questions? Email teafriendsupport@jessesteahouse.com

I am proud to be your tea guy and humbled by the support of our amazing community! I cannot wait to get this year's spring teas to you all!
-- Jesse 杰西