What's a Tea Orange?

Is it tea? Is it an orange? It's both!

My young tea friends in China started drinking these tea oranges in 2016 or so. They call them "Xiao Qing Gan 小青柑" which means "little green mandarin orange."

In March, I was making a tea video when BOOM! this one hit the for you page on TikTok: 


Look at that tea color *chef’s kiss* ##blacktea ##tea ##gongfutea ##chinese ##culture ##teatok ##asian ##relax ##howto

♬ Lofi - Domknowz

It got over 1 million hits, and really launched my page -- boosting me from 4K fans to 25K virtually overnight. The rest... is history!

Tea oranges are a good fit for people who are new to Pu'er because they balance some of the earthier flavors with the sweet fragrance of the orange.

And, of course, because they are adorable.

The current pu'er Tea Orange on my shop now was selected through *rigorous taste-testing.*

That means I sat and drank five different tea oranges in one afternoon and got tea drunk.

I chose this one because it was my favorite one that I could still sell at a price where you can drink as many as you want.

It's an eight-year aged pu'er that is super smooth. They're on the shop in my sampler, and *soon!* available in boxes of 10 as well.

Have you ever tried one? Have you ever tried mine? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

--Jesse 杰西


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Erin uesugi

Hi Jesse!!
It’s Doug Clough and Erin, friends of your Dad, who told us about your tea house!! Congratulations on this great website and venture! You have been busy despite Covid, terrific! We ordered the sampler to find the ones we like best, I love tea!! Can’t wait to see which tea pet we get ( hope its the bunny, hope its the bunny…) hope to see you again soon, all the best! Your fans in San Francisco!

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