Roasted "Iron Goddess of Mercy" Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

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Tieguanyin "Iron Goddess of Mercy" Oolong Tea

What is Oolong Tea?
Oolong tea is a partially-oxidized tea that combines characteristics of green tea (delightful fragrance) and black tea (bold flavor).

Oolongs such as Tie Guan Yin are put through an intensive many-step process after picking, including roasting. This darkens the leaves and produces a special roasty flavor that is a favorite of tea drinkers throughout Asia.

Tie Guan Yin, or "Iron Goddess of Mercy" Oolong, is one of the most famous types of tea in all China.
Known for its unique combination of sweetness, depth, and lingering complex aftertaste, it is the everyday tea of Fujian Province and many other regions.
This Tie Guan Yin is roasted to add another layer of roasty, nutty flavor to the mix. The resulting tea leaves are dark and tightly furled, opening when steeped to make a clear, yellow-green tea liquor that is easy-drinking and highly flavorful.
The name Tie Guan Yin, which translates to "Iron Goddess of Mercy", is named after the Buddhist enlightened figure (Bodhisattva) who embodies mercy and compassion.
Guan Yin is known around Asia by many names: Avalokiteshvara in India, Kannon in Japan, and Kwan Seum Bosal in Korea. 
Tie Guan Yin is classic oolong. In many ways, I look at all Oolongs based off of how they differ from Tie Guan Yin, since it is such a classic.
This is one of the "Ten Famous Chinese Teas" that all Chinese tea drinkers know about. The roasted flavor is excellent since it can set this particular Tie Guan Yin apart for people that are already experienced tea drinkers.
For newer tea drinkers, this is a light and crisp but flavorful tea which should be a comfortable choice. It has excellent flavor without having any highly unusual tasting notes that might be strange for people just getting into Chinese tea.
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Jesse's Teahouse started because Jesse realized the quality and value of the tea directly from the Beijing Tea Market was so much higher than what could be easily found in the States -- and around the world.
Jesse contacted his tea friends, they shipped their best teas to him, and he sends them to you. That's it!
These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-8 cups of tea, so at around $.50 a cup, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Jesse believes the key to making good tea is to help his Chinese tea friends share not just their best teas, but the best ways to make the teas.

That's why each box comes also comes with an info card that tells you:

  • Tea Origin
  • Steep Temperature
  • Steep Time
  • Directions for both teapot steeping and gaiwan steeping

All Jesse’s Teahouse Tea Friends (that’s you now!) also get access to private YouTube videos where Jesse and his Chinese tea friends show you how to make the teas and explain the tea-making process. 

The links are on QR codes on the back of the info card included in the tea box.

Don't Forget Your Tea Pets!

In Chinese Gongfu Tea Tradition, Tea Pets accompany you at teatime and you "raise" them by feeding them tea! Check out the tea pets at the bottom of this page.