Three Treasures "Chen Pi" Mandarin Peel White Tea

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Three Treasures "Chen Pi" Mandarin Peel White Tea

These individual treasures are not to be missed! Each bundle is composed of 8-year aged "Chen Pi" dried mandarin peel wrapped around excellent 3-year aged white tea leaves. They are tied with a rice stalk, which can be removed or added to the tea for additional flavor.
The result is a flavor mixture of the deep, medicinal and fragrant mandarin peel with the herbal sweetness of the white tea. A special treat for special teatimes!
What is White Tea?
White tea is young tea that is harvested, sun-dried, and minimally processed.

White tea ages naturally, adding depth and flavor. It pairs a light, easy-drinking sweetness with herbal undertones, creating a rich experience enjoyable all year round.
What is "Chen Pi?"
Chen Pi translates literally to "Aged Peel." An ingredient in many Chinese medicinal blends, it is made by sun-drying mandarin peels for years until the flavor and aroma compounds are highly concentrated.
The best Chen Pi comes from Xinhui mandarin peels, and our Three Treasures tea features eight-year aged Chen Pi packed with aroma and flavor.

Jesse's Review:
When I first tried these little "Treasure" bundles, my only concern was that the flavor wouldn't match up to the fun and unique packaging. It turns out I did not have to be worried!
This tea is beautifully packed, each individually tied in a bundle with a full orange peel and long, individually laid-out leaves, but it doesn't skimp on flavor or aroma. Unwrap and discard the tie and enjoy the tea!
I think this is a great tea for those who want something sweet but don't want to drink lightly flavored, watery tea. The sweetness of the white tea is balanced by the herbal depth and fantastic fragrance of the orange.
While these 10g bundles are a good size for sharing, it is a lot of tea for an individual session. If you're a big tea drinker you will like that - if you're less into that experience, feel free to keep both the leaves and peel to cold brew after use, so you can get the most of the tea energy in the leaves.
Want even more value?
Select the 100g or 200g sizes and save on tea and shipping!
Jesse's Teahouse started because Jesse realized the quality and value of the tea directly from the Beijing Tea Market was so much higher than what could be easily found in the States -- and around the world.
Jesse contacted his tea friends, they shipped their best teas to him, and he sends them to you. That's it!
These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-8 cups of tea, so at around $.50 a cup, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Jesse believes the key to making good tea is to help his Chinese tea friends share not just their best teas, but the best ways to make the teas.

That's why each box comes also comes with an info card that tells you:

  • Tea Origin
  • Steep Temperature
  • Steep Time
  • Directions for both teapot steeping and gaiwan steeping

All Jesse’s Teahouse Tea Friends (that’s you now!) also get access to private YouTube videos where Jesse and his Chinese tea friends show you how to make the teas and explain the tea-making process. 

The links are on QR codes on the back of the info card included in the tea box.

Don't Forget Your Tea Pets!

In Chinese Gongfu Tea Tradition, Tea Pets accompany you at teatime and you "raise" them by feeding them tea! Check out the tea pets at the bottom of this page.