"One Thousand Li of Mountains and Rivers" Stone Tea Table

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What is a tea tray?

The centerpiece of the traditional Chinese Gongfu tea-making experience, a tea tray not only holds all your tea equipment, but also catches spill water and serves as a home for your tea pets.

Beyond its direct use making tea, tea trays also create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, inviting one and all to sit around the tray, enjoy tea and each others' company, stimulating conversation and enhancing the tea experience.

About This Tea Table

This tea table is composed of a single-piece solid stone face imprinted with the calligraphy "Qian Li Jiang Shan 千里江山“ - One Thousand Li of Mountains and Rivers - along with a full-length painted image of mountain, river and cloud scenery. The "Li" is a unit of measurement - about half a kilometer, or .3 miles.

The inspiration for the art comes from the work "Qian Li Jiang Shang Tu" by the Chinese painter Wang Ximeng, from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). This masterpiece was the only work of Master Wang's to endure through history and the vibrant colors create a unique tea experience.

The channel surrounding the stone is made of heavy bamboo, providing a solid and dense frame without adding excess weight to the table. It is a good size for hosting groups of up to four.

Jesse Says: When I was looking for unique tea tables, this one hit me immediately as being something I hadn't ever seen before. After some research, I discovered the inspiration for the art style, and decided it was a great fit for the shop.

Beyond the art, this table is a really solid choice for people who want an elevated tea experience but don't have a ton of space. The table is compact and nicely heavy, and draws the eye from all angles.

Tea Set and Tea Sampler Special Combos!

This set can come with one (or both!) of two optional discount combos only available when purchasing a tea table!

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