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Do you have a tea person in your life but aren't sure what to get them?

A Jesse's Teahouse Gift Card solves that problem!

From teas sourced directly from the mountains to tiny tea pet figurines, fresh green teas to super-funky aged Pu'er, there's something on the site for everyone who loves tea!

Since the number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture, our gift card denominations end in 8 - perfect for giving an extra bit of good luck to the tea person in your life!

How Far Will Each Gift Card Go?

Not sure what card is the best fit? In general...

$18 will cover a tea pet or similar small item;

$28 will cover most 50g bags of tea on the site, or a teacup;

$48 will cover our sampler box, some of our less expensive tea makers, or a fancier cup or cup set;

$68 will cover a simple tea maker and some tea, or more than cover our subscription box for 3 months;

$88 will cover many of our basic tea sets or about three 50g teas;

$108 will cover our all our travel tea sets, or about four 50g teas;

$168 will cover almost any tea set on the site, usually also with tea included;

$208 will cover every tea set on the site and/or a whole lot of tea and tea pets!

$520 is the perfect amount for someone you love as 520 (五二零/wǔ èr líng) sounds like "I love you!" (我爱你/ wǒ ài nǐ) in Mandarin Chinese;

$888 will cover any of our tea equipment sets plus as much tea as you like!

Do Gift Cards Expire?

No, we wouldn't do that to you!


We're here for you! Just email

Many thanks! Looking forward to getting your favorite people amazing tea!

-- Jesse 杰西