Hourglass-Style Gongfu Teamaker

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Hourglass-Style Gongfu Teamaker

It’s a tea set and a work of art, all in one!


The set features:

Extra-large glass gaiwan for brewing;

Glass pot-shaped serving pitcher;

Dark-painted wooden frame;

Magnetic ball bearing


Brew your tea in the gaiwan up top, and when you’re ready, place the pitcher beneath. The magnetic ball snaps aside, and the water pours through by gravity!


It’s a great fit for:

Both aesthetic beauty and practical tea-making;

Tea parties of two or more, to enjoy the tea-making spectacle;

Blooming teas and large leaf teas


Tea Party Size?

This set is best for personal use or even larger groups (4-6 people)

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Jesse’s Review:

I’m really excited to be able to stock these in the store. They’re not the quickest and easiest tea-makers out there, but the style is awesome and it looks so cool I keep it in the living room at all times.


Gaiwan tea-making can be tricky for larger groups, but the size of this gaiwan is really more like a large pot. The set is super simple to assemble and nothing beats the look of beautiful tea falling through the hourglass-style siphon!


If you’re looking for a beautiful, unique tea setup that also maintains the Chinese gongfu aesthetic, this is the one you want.

Don’t Forget Your Tea Pets!

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