Earthenware Tea Cake Caddy

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Earthenware Tea Cake Caddy

This is a beautiful and practical storage caddy for your tea cakes! Whether your tea cakes are opened or unopened, this is a great place to keep them!


The tea caddy features:

Sturdy earthenware tea caddy;

Keeps tea cool, dry, out of direct sunlight for best aging;

Perfect size for standard 357g Chinese tea cakes;

Dappled decorative black lid;

Silk Tassel for decoration and easy lifting of lid.


It’s a great fit for:

Home tea storage;

Tea cake display;



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Save on tea with this tea caddy! Purchase a caddy & tea cake combo from the drop-down menu above and save $8 on a full-size Pu’er tea cake!


Jesse’s Review:

Even before I added full-sized tea cakes to the shop, lots of people asked me online how I store my tea cakes.


Back in China, I had a few of these earthenware tea caddies. They keep the tea dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight, all of which helps keep the tea’s flavor intact, but also are just beautiful in and of themselves and make a great decoration piece for anywhere in your tea room.


The lid is gorgeous and there is actually a bit of a rough tactile feel as well which I actually quite like.


Note: These are solidly made and a bit heavy! If you are wondering why the shipping price is higher than normal, that is why. 

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