Two-Cup Travel Teapot Set

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Two-Cup Travel Teapot Set

This two-cup and teapot combo packs light for travel and looks beautiful on a desk at home or at work.

The set features:

One teapot, complete with lid and built-in filter;

Two nicely-sized cups that fit snug on top and bottom of the pot;

Carrying case for travel and storage;

Circular wooden button-style handles;

Small rectangular tea towel.

When I worked in Beijing at the Nature Conservancy, I saw a lot of office workers would keep a cup-pot combo on hand so they could brew great tea without cluttering up their work space. Needless to say, I got one myself too.

It’s a great fit for:

Home-office tea-making;

Picnic/travel tea-making;

Tea friends with less space for storing tea equipment;

Tea Party Size?

This set is best for personal use or with one partner (1-2 people).


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Jesse’s Review:

This cup-pot combo is straight-up a great way to make tea. It’s very practical and yet the results are still top-tier.

If you don’t have the space, time, or energy for a full Gongfu-style tea set, this is for you.

I keep one of these on my desk at home in case I need to really get work done and can’t do the whole tea ceremony, and I also have a second set just for traveling and taking to friends’ houses.

One note - because this set doesn’t come with a pitcher, you need to be sure to only add as much water as you need to drink your next cup. Otherwise, you will be left with extra tea inside the pot which keeps over-steeping.

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