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Jesse's Tea Club Subscription Service
Quality, value, and community!

How It Works:
  1. Subscribe Anytime!
  2. Get the current Tea box immediately - we ship the same week as your purchase!
  3. Every 3 months, we release a new box and send it to you. The Monkey box launches May 1st and will be available until the Chicken box launches on Aug 1, 2024.
  4. Cancel anytime! 

THIS SEASON'S BOX: Jesse’s Tea Club Box #7: Monkey

Teatime is playtime with the Monkey Box!

What's not to love about this combo box? Three rich, fantastic teas, a sneaky lil new tea pet, and a gorgeous golden monkey teacup!

This cycle's teas are...

Tea #1: Sister Ai's Everyday Ancient Tree Sheng Puer 
1 x 50g tea cake  (7-10 sessions)

Sweet, Smooth, Floral

Fans of the site know we have been working with Sister Ai, a third-gen tea farmer from Yunnan, on our Tea Master Series, and last box on her "everyday" red tea. That inspired us to share her "everyday" Sheng Pu'er tea as well in this 50g mini-cake!

Of course, tea from 200+ year old trees in a protected national forest is only "everyday"  if you're a Yunnan tea farmer. The tea is loosely pressed for easy breaking and made from clean, full leaves.

Sister Ai's young sheng teas are known for a juicy, sweet flavor with nice floral notes. Compared to many younger sheng teas, the Qianjiazhai mountain teas tend to be much more mellow than expected for their age, while still retaining a bright personality. It's a perfect fit for people who are trying to get into younger sheng pu'er.

Tea #2: Anji Red Tea
1x50g bag

Smooth, sweet, malty

Anji is known for its green tea, most famously the White Anji Green Tea we feature in our 2024 Spring Tea line. But this Anji Red tea is a real treat - the same Anji leaves have been used to make a smooth, malty red tea!
This tea has a very calming, soft personality while still packing the depth of flavor one expects from a good red. It is very clean-tasting and smooth, which allows more rich, subtle flavors to carry through the tea session.
Fans of White Anji Green Tea will also be able to detect some of the characteristics of that tea in the sweet aftertaste. This is a super solid everyday red tea!
Tea #3: Dui Dui's "Sakura Cloud Sea" Laobanzhang White Tea
7x 8g tea coins

Bold, Energizing, Complex

Duidui's done it again!
Last, but certainly not least, this a big daddy of a tea - true Laobanzhang leaves secured by my tea friend Duidui, who has been working with Laobanzhang tea for over 20 years.
Known as one of the top (if not the top) tea mountain in China, Laobanzhang village is so remote that it only got electricity in 1992. Since then, it has had a boom as tea collectors all throughout China have rushed to get its tea, known for its bold flavor and incredible depth and complexity.
This white tea is from 2020, but has such a rich and dark color that it feels like a 10-year aged white. We pressed these into 8g mini-coins, perfect for travel or a sumptuous session at home. Be ready to resteep - these coins will easily make 10 steeps in a 120ml gaiwan, and up to 20 if you like the tail-end steeps. 
Real Laobanzhang leaves are very difficult to buy at this price point because there is a huge upsell market within China. Even though Duidui could be selling this at many times this price in China, he has done us a solid and shared the tea at a more reasonable price so tea friends abroad can get access too.


Jesse's Tea Club By The Numbers:

3 Teas per box
20-30 Tea Sessions per Box
4 Boxes per year
Zodiac-themed Tea Pet per box (optional)
1 Zodiac-themed Tea Cup per box (optional)
FREE Members-only tea events on Discord
NO long-term commitment (cancel whenever)



This adorable Monkey tea pet is always looking for what's coming next - hopefully, more tea!

This tea pet is made partly of clay and partially of craqulure-style celadon glaze. He's curious, fun, and ready to be a part of your teatimes for years to come!


We've all wanted to be a monkey in a tree at some point in our life, swinging freely through the branches. This beautiful porcelain cup shows just that - a monkey rushing through the boughs, with a gorgeous brown-and-gold coat of fur!

Made from Dehua porcelain, this cup has a classic Chinese painting style combining trees, leaves, flowers, and of course, our Monkey hero in the center.

The smooth, soft hand feel and larger size are good for tea drinkers looking to split the difference between very small Chinese style cups and larger western cups.

Can I get one box without subscribing?
Yes, you can! Just place your order above and do not click "Subscribe and Save."

Of course, you can also subscribe and save, and cancel at any time. I'm confident you will love the service!

I just bought a Monkey box! When will the next box come?
The Chicken Box will launch on Aug 1 and will be sent to all subscribers automatically on that date! Remember you can always pause your subscription if you want to skip a cycle.
Can I buy Shipping Insurance?
No need! The Insurance is included in the price :) *Please note that this does not apply to one time purchases. 
I'm International, can I still subscribe?
Absolutely! Please just be aware of your country's customs fees and tariffs as those are not included in the subscription price.

I want to make a change to my subscription, like adding or subtracting items.

I still have questions!

If you have any questions, email and we will help you out.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Nope! When you click "Subscribe and Save!" you will get the discount immediately, but will only be charged for today's purchase.

New teas will be delivered once every 3 months and you will only be charged when each box ships.

I hope this will make the club more accessible to people who don’t have a years’ worth of tea money to spend all at once. 

Special Tea Club Member Perks?

Once you subscribe, you get to be a member of Jesse’s Tea Club!

Anyone can join our discord channel at any time by clicking here! Tea Club Members, however, get access to a special chat channel.

In the future, Jesse will be hosting special subscribers-only live tea sessions and other fun events just for Tea Club members!

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!! I can’t wait to make this Tea Club Subscription the best tea experience out there!!!

– Jesse 杰西

NOTE - Unfortunately, this subscription does not qualify for any discount coupons or gift cards. If you want to save, subscribe!

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