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Jesse's Tea Club Subscription Service

Quality, value, and community!
How It Works:
  1. Subscribe Anytime!
  2. Get the current combo box immediately - we ship within two business days!
  3. Every 3 months, we release a new box and send it to you. The Goat box launches Feb. 1 and will be available until the Monkey box launches on May 1, 2024.
  4. Cancel anytime! 
THIS SEASON'S BOX: Jesse’s Tea Club Box #6: GOAT 


Is it a goat? A sheep? A ram? All of the above?

However you translate it, it means good tea! This cycle we have put together a combo box with a huge range of flavors, shapes and styles... and also another CHONKTASTIC tea pet!

This cycle's teas are...

Tea #1: Sister Ai's Everyday Ancient Tree Red Tea 
1 x 50g tea cake  (7-10 sessions)
Rich, Deep, Fruity

Ancient tree red tea is a real treat! It has a deep taste, natural sweetness, as well as some of the ancient tree "funky" notes that make this a true treat.

Floral and fruity flavors round out this punchy, flavor-forward tea. This is a great choice for people who like western "black tea" blends like earl grey and English breakfast.

This particular tea comes from wild tea trees over 200 years old from deep within the Qianjiazhai nature reserve. Sister Ai, a third-gen tea farmer whose teas are featured in our Tea Master series, has generously supplied us a great ancient tree tea at an everyday price.

Tea #2: Three Treasures "Chen Pi" Mandarin Peel White Tea
5x10g "Treasures"
Rich, Herbal, Citrus
These individual treasures are not to be missed! Each bundle is composed of 8-year aged "Chen Pi" dried mandarin peel wrapped around excellent 3-year aged white tea leaves. They are tied with a rice stalk, which can be added to the tea after unwrapping for additional flavor.

The result is a flavor mixture of the deep, medicinal and fragrant mandarin peel with the herbal sweetness of the white tea. A special treat for special teatimes!
Tea #3: Jesse's Eastern Beauty Bug-Bitten Oolong
1x50g bag
Sweet, Honey, Floral

Don't knock it till you've tried it! Eastern Beauty Oolong gets its distinct sweet-honey flavor from bug bites!

Locals discovered that the tea leaves bitten by the Tea Jassid, an insect, created a special honey flavor in the tea leaves after they were plucked and processed as oolong tea. The flavor is the result of terpenes released by the leaf in self-defense.

As a result, the "Eastern Beauty" was born - a bug-bitten oolong with notes of honey, cinnamon, and bursting with fresh fragrance.

Bright yellow-orange, the tea has suprising depth and sweetness. It's a real treat for oolong lovers!

Jesse's Tea Club By The Numbers:
3 Teas per box
20-30 Tea Sessions per Box
4 Boxes per year
Zodiac-themed Tea Pet per box (optional)
1 Zodiac-themed Tea Cup per box (optional)
FREE Members-only tea events on Discord
NO long-term commitment (cancel whenever)




Keeping our theme of BIG BOIS going, this R O U N D sheep is a perfect fit for any surface that needs a R O U N D sheep on it -- NOW!

Because of limited stock, as of launch time, we will only be offering this ROUNDBOI to customers who buy the tea pet option of this subscription box. If we can be sure we won't sell out too quickly, we will open up purchasing individually.

Golden Goat! 
For the goat/sheep/ram box, I wanted to get something simple yet fun. This golden-outlined goat cup is a great size for gongfu tea drinking and features a seal-script red stamp with the character "yang" for goat.
Like our tea pets, we are temporarily only selling the cups with subscription boxes on this page, until we can be sure we won't run out too quickly!

Can I get one box without subscribing?
Yes, you can! Just place your order above and do not click "Subscribe and Save."
Of course, you can also subscribe and save, and cancel at any time. I'm confident you will love the service!
I just bought a Goat box! When will the next box come?
The Monkey Box will launch on May 1 and will be sent to all subscribers automatically on that date! Remember you can always pause your subscription if you want to skip a cycle.
I want to make a change to my subscription, like adding or subtracting items.
I still have questions!
If you have any questions, email and we will help you out.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Nope! When you click "Subscribe and Save!" you will get the discount immediately, but will only be charged for today's purchase.

New teas will be delivered once every 3 months and you will only be charged when each box ships.

I hope this will make the club more accessible to people who don’t have a years’ worth of tea money to spend all at once. 

Special Tea Club Member Perks?

Once you subscribe, you get to be a member of Jesse’s Tea Club!

Anyone can join our discord channel at any time by clicking here! Tea Club Members, however, get access to a special chat channel.

In the future, Jesse will be hosting special subscribers-only live tea sessions and other fun events just for Tea Club members!

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!! I can’t wait to make this Tea Club Subscription the best tea experience out there!!!

– Jesse 杰西

NOTE - Unfortunately, this subscription does not qualify for any discount coupons or gift cards. If you want to save, subscribe!

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