Frosted Glass Gaiwan-Style Teapot

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Frosted Glass Gaiwan-Style Teapot

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Both traditional and modern, this frosted glass tea-maker is the best of both worlds!


The pot features:

Frosted glass exterior, perfect for viewing tea color;

High rim for easy holding

Lidded cup-style straining lid


It’s a great fit for:

New and experienced tea friends alike!

No-fuss quick tea-making while still enjoying the brewing experience


Tea Party Size?

This pot is best for personal use or smaller groups (1-3 people).


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Jesse’s Review:


This cup is good for everyone, beginners and experienced tea-makers alike. I personally love glass teaware and this one is good for making tea quickly and without fuss but still enjoying the beauty of the process.


Also, because it is glass, I find it compliments other teaware and tea tables easily. It fit in easily as a replacement for the lidded cup in my Gongfu Tea Table Set, but you wouldn’t need any other equipment to use it well.


Keep in mind - you don’t want to leave the tea steeping in the pot too long. Either pour from here into a pitcher, or directly into your drinking cup.

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