Sister Ai's Everyday Ancient Tree Sheng Pu'er Tea

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Sister Ai's Everyday Ancient Tree Sheng Pu'er Tea
50g Mini-Cake (7-10 Sessions)
Sweet, Smooth, Floral

About This Tea:

Sister Ai's young sheng teas are known for a juicy, sweet flavor with nice floral notes. Compared to many younger sheng teas, the Qianjiazhai mountain teas tend to be much more mellow than expected for their age, while still retaining a bright personality.
While the taste may be mellow for a sheng tea, it still has excellent tea energy, making it the ideal tea tea type for sustained focus and creative work. It's a perfect fit for people who are trying to get into younger sheng pu'er.
The tea is loosely pressed for easy breaking and made from clean, full leaves.


 Jesse Says:

Fans of the site know we have been working with Sister Ai, a third-gen tea farmer from Yunnan, on our Tea Master Series, and last box on her "everyday" red tea. That inspired us to share her "everyday" Sheng Pu'er tea as well in this 50g mini-cake!

Of course, tea from 200+ year old trees in a protected national forest is only "everyday"  if you're a Yunnan tea farmer. Ancient tree teas have a special taste to them, a sort of deeper, musty note in the aftertaste, that lends a great deal of complexity to the tea experience.

Also, these ancient trees are worth so much you would literally be arrested for using pesticides on them. It's the cleanest tea around.

This is also an excellent tea to buy a few cakes of and drink one while aging the rest. I've had Sister Ai's aged teas and they are excellent - just a bit more expensive! Make sure to remove the plastic from the tea box before storing in a place away from strong smells.


Me and Sister Ai chilling at her tea farm in Yunnan in 2023 - I'm going back again in 2024!

Want the best value? This tea comes in 100g and 200g sizes - check the drop-down menu above!

Jesse's Teahouse started because Jesse realized the quality and value of the tea directly from the Beijing Tea Market was so much higher than what could be easily found in the States -- and around the world.
Jesse contacted his tea friends, they shipped their best teas to him, and he sends them to you. That's it!

These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-8 cups of tea, so at around $.50 a cup, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Jesse believes the key to making good tea is to help his Chinese tea friends share not just their best teas, but the best ways to make the teas.

That's why each box tells you:

  • Tea Origin
  • Steep Temperature
  • Steep Time
  • Directions for both teapot steeping and gaiwan steeping

All Jesse’s Teahouse Tea Friends (that’s you now!) also get access to private YouTube videos where Jesse and his Chinese tea friends show you how to make the teas and explain the tea-making process. 

The links are on QR codes on the back of the info card included in the tea box.

Don't Forget Your Tea Pets!

In Chinese Gongfu Tea Tradition, Tea Pets accompany you at teatime and you "raise" them by feeding them tea! Don't forget to check the tea pet page before you go!