Jesse's Tiger Combo Box

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 Jesse’s Tea Club Box #1: TIGER
(Red, Green, Pu'er Teas)

When our tea club subscription first launched, this was the combo box that started everything!

A fantastic balance of flavors, I am keeping the Tiger Box available as its own combo box, for people interested in trying multiple teas and saving!

The tiger box contains three teas, each with 50g (7-10 sessions) per tea, a total of 150g (21-30 sessions) total!

Tea 1: 2022 Spring Moganshan Green Tea (50g)

Super fresh green tea from one of China’s great tea mountains! This direct-from-the-farm tea is super sweet, smooth and easy-drinking. If you’re looking for a great green tea, this is it.


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Tea 2: 2022 Jinjunmei Red Tea (50g)

Made from just the buds of the best quality tea plants, this Jinjunmei is sweet, floral, and has a fantastic aftertaste that makes it one of my favorite tea types, bar none!


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Tea 3: 2005 Lang He Aged Shu Pu’er (50g)

I’ve got a hold of a bunch of these 17(!) year old tea cakes and will be breaking them into sampler-sizes so you can try it out! Very dark and earthy with a super-smooth taste that doesn’t get bitter no matter how long you steep. A great cooked (shu) pu’er for those that want something special.


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Don't miss out on our adorable tiger tea pet!
Get him by himself, or add a tea pet to your subscription to save and receive each new tea pet automatically!
This beautiful tiger tea cup is made of white porcelain with a matte finish and super soft hand feel. A fantastic piece to drink from and a piece of art to decorate your tea room with!