2022 Purple Beauty Raw Pu’er Tea Coins

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2022 Purple Beauty Raw Pu'er Tea Coins
What is Raw Pu'er?
Pu'er is the wine of teas, meticulously picked and aged with each tea mountain having its own personality. True Pu'er is only grown in Yunnan, China, right on the border of Myanmar in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is drunk throughout Asia for its fantastic flavor and health properties.
Sheng, or "Raw" Pu'er, is a powerful tea with lots of tea energy. This type of tea is my "Get stuff done" tea because of the fantastic mental and physical boost it provides. Just make sure to have food in your stomach when drinking, otherwise it can be too strong.
Raw Pu'er has a fantastic mix of sweet and astringent (the dry mouth flavor from red wine). It balances depth, complexity and ease of drinking.
Tea coins are compressed loose leaf and will open into full leaf tea.
About This Tea
I am very proud of these tea coins, since this is the first time we have ever custom-pressed loose leaf tea into any shape! The leaves come from Menghai, in Yunnan, one of the best areas for Pu'er Tea.
I picked the mini tea cake "coins" because I thought it would be a good way to allow people to try pressed pu'er tea without committing to a whole cake.
Purple Beauty Pu'er is known for its gorgeous dark leaves and the color-changing effect which has it change from light yellow to a purple-gold over a few steeps.
The result is something that looks like old sheng tea but has the brightness of a young raw pu'er. I am super excited to see what these do when they start aging.
Check out the color difference between the first three steeps!
Want the best value? This tea comes in 112g (14 coins) and 224g (28 coins) sizes - check the drop-down menu above!
Jesse's Teahouse started because Jesse realized the quality and value of the tea directly from the Beijing Tea Market was so much higher than what could be easily found in the States -- and around the world.
Jesse contacted his tea friends, they shipped their best teas to him, and he sends them to you. That's it!
These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-8 cups of tea, so at around $.50 a cup, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Jesse believes the key to making good tea is to help his Chinese tea friends share not just their best teas, but the best ways to make the teas.

That's why each box comes also comes with an info card that tells you:

  • Tea Origin
  • Steep Temperature
  • Steep Time
  • Directions for both teapot steeping and gaiwan steeping

All Jesse’s Teahouse Tea Friends (that’s you now!) also get access to private YouTube videos where Jesse and his Chinese tea friends show you how to make the teas and explain the tea-making process. 

The links are on QR codes on the back of the info card included in the tea box.

Don't Forget Your Tea Pets!

In Chinese Gongfu Tea Tradition, Tea Pets accompany you at teatime and you "raise" them by feeding them tea! Check out the tea pets at the bottom of this page.