Jesse's Taiwanese Milk Oolong

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Jesse’s Teahouse: Taiwanese Jinxuan “Milk” Oolong

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Each box contains:
150g Bag of Milk Oolong Tea
(About 30 servings, ~5.25 oz. total)

Milk Oolong is known for its smooth, almost “milky” mouth feel and floral taste. It is light and refreshing with a great aroma.

This particular milk oolong from my Taiwanese tea guy Mr. Wu has some great notes of osmanthus flower and that subtle milkiness that this tea is known for.

Milk Oolong is especially popular with women in Asia, though I will say as a dude I found it no less exceptional.

 What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong teas are partially-oxidized teas, almost like a mix between a green and a black tea.

Oolongs are picked and then treated in a long, labor-intensive process that includes cultivating, harvesting, withering, oxidizing, fixing (or sha qing – “killing the green”), rolling and drying, and sometimes roasting.

The end result is a tea with a fantastic fragrance, almost like a green tea, but with a richer and more complex flavor than most green teas.

Oolong is best when stored airtight – that’s why I’m including a free nifty bag-closer with every order.



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Jesse’s Review:

This tea’s best attribute is definitely the buttery-smooth “milky” mouth feel. It's not a heavy milk flavor like in actual milk tea, but it's so soft and smooth that it’s super easy to drink cup after cup after cup… 


These teas are high quality and can be re-steeped multiple times! Each serving makes between 4-8 big mugs of tea, so at around $.50 a cup, you get top quality Chinese teas at a price that you can enjoy every day.

Jesse's Teahouse started because when Jesse lived in Beijing, he realized the quality and value of the tea directly from the Beijing Tea Market was so much higher than what could be easily found in the States -- and around the world.

Jesse contacted his tea friends in Beijing, they shipped their best teas to him, and he sends them to you. That's it! 

Best Deal Alert! If you really love tea and want an even better deal, get this tea as part of Jesse’s “Team Jenk Combo Box.”


Jesse believes the key to making good tea is to help his Chinese tea friends share not just their best teas, but also their advice on how best make the teas.

That's why each box comes also comes with an info card that tells you:

  • Tea Origin
  • Steep Temperature
  • Steep Time
  • Directions for both teapot steeping and gaiwan steeping

There are also links to tea-making videos on QR codes on the back of the info card included in the tea box.

Don't Forget Your Tea Pets!

In Chinese Gongfu Tea Tradition, Tea Pets accompany you at teatime and you "raise" them by feeding them tea! Check out Jesse’s Tea Pets here.